2019 Cypher Dancers

Based in San Jose, California, Cypher Dance Company exists to create an all-inclusive creative environment. Each dancer is selected based on his or her improvisational skills. Improvisation is the heart of Cypher Dance Company for the simple goal of making dance accessible for all movers and viewers. Cypher believes that when it comes to dance, there is no right or wrong, only preference. At its purest and without rules that create barriers, dance becomes an enjoyed shared experience.


Cypher Dance Company welcomes movers from all backgrounds and levels of experience. While traditional dance companies may favor using body molds and specific training in their selection process, at Cypher we proclaim dance to be universal and not exclusive. We believe that all lovers of movement should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of performing on a stage. We believe audiences are entertained and inspired when reflected onstage.


Denying talented individuals from exhibiting their contributions to dance because of body type, height, race, or gender is not in our DNA. Together, Cypher Dancers and Audiences, let us shatter society’s superficial and divisive dance norms and make dance accessible and enjoyed by all.



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